APS Technology

The APS proprietary waste conversion technology addresses three markets:

- Bio-Solid, Agricultural Residual or Other Organic or Inorganic Materials REDUCTION
- Renewable Energy Production
- Creation of Valuable Carbon- Char and Activated Carbon - CARBONSYTE

The APS technology can also be used to effectively convert bio feedstock such as wood or agricultural byproducts into carbon or activated charcoal for industrial applications, and commodity sale. APS uses indirect heat and the absence of oxygen through a process called pyrolysis to decompose the waste materials to produce syngas, or synthesis gas fuel. The APS technology in addition can process municipal solid waste (MSW) as feed stock, as well as industrial, medical, hazardous, sludge, tires and many other mixed waste streams.

The syngas produced is then combusted in a second chamber of the system called a Thermal Oxidizer which generates large amounts of heat. That heat is used to sustain the pyrolysis reaction and to produce steam for industrial applications, or clean renewable electricity. The system is designed for 24 hour continuous operation with up to 95% plus availability annually. The technology can meet air quality standards worldwide and has passed the most stringent air quality standards in the United States of America, the Southern California AQMD Standard and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Management Board and is fully permitted for large-scale commercial operation in the State of California

APS Technology Benefits:
- Highly cost effective
- Designed, tested and built in the USA
- Environmentally friendly
- Modular and expandable
- Processes multiple mixed waste streams simultaneously and automatically without system reconfiguration
- Ease in operation and maintenance
- Sophisticated remote PLC management capabilities
- Space efficient
- Reliable, continuous baseload power
- Reduces landfill waste
- Solves the waste problem while producing renewable energy
- Effective sludge elimination
- Reduces the spread of disease in developing countries and high population density applications
- Production of high quality Carbon or Bio Char - CARBONSYTE

Our Technology has been issued a Permit to Operate (PTO)
by the Sacramento Air Quality Management District
This PTO covers (4) four separate feedstocks
Pistachio Shells
Macadamia Nut Shell
Walnut Shells

This is the most important attribute of our APS system. It demonstrates that our system can operate and convert feedstocks in California Air Quality Districts. The Air Emission standards in California are some of the most stringent in the world.

The cost to install and operate APS is also lower than other technologies.
The lower cost makes it possible for:
- decentralized deployment of smaller plants compared to other WTE systems
- better support of the electric grid
- reduction of the carbon footprint caused by pick-up and disposal of waste materials

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